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5 Reasons Why Maureen Wroblewitz Gets Bullied in AsNTM5
May 30, 2017
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PH bet Maureen Wroblewitz, who is currently part of Top 5 of Asia's Next Top Model Cycle had encounter words of attacks from her fellow models in the competition. Sad to say, even her co-Filipina representative Jennica Sanchez also attacked her in several occasions, bringing down the beautiful model.

In addition, Maureen was hated in some ways by Dorothy and Nametha. On the latest episode, Clara, Minh Tu and Shikin joined force to throw some negative feedbacks against Maureen addressing her weakness and undeserving of being in the Top 5.

But Maureen remains intact and make it as a tool to perform better in every challenge and photo shoot. Looks like it's worth it.

Do you think Maureen deserves the Top 5 Slot or to be Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5 Winner?

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