When We Say (Juicebox) - AJ Rafael - Official Music Video - Wong Fu Productions​​​ | AJ Rafael​​​
Apr 21, 2010
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Love and relationships are never like the movies no matter how much we want them to be. But when something beautiful ends, for whatever reason, it's most important not to be disappointed that it's over, but glad that it happened at all.

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Behind the Scenes commentary and video:

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Wong Fu Productions (Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, Philip Wang)

AJ Rafael
Noelle Espero

LA Martinez
RB de Guzman
Oswald "JR" Aquino http://youtube.com/jraquinomusic

Shiori Takenoshita - Drums
Noah Bartfield - Bass
Andrew Rhim - Electric Guitar
AJ Rafael - Acoustic Guitar, Keys, & Vocals, Writer
Engineered by Justin Powell

Special Thanks to
Justin Ray
Scott Yoshimoto http://youtube.com/yoshistyle3

*No relation to Minute Maid unfortunately​​​.

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