Orochimaru vs Nine-Tails (Jinchuriki) | Full Fight (Best Version) | NARUTO SHIPPUDEN [HD]
Mar 24, 2018
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When Naruto demands that Orochimaru and Kabuto return Sasuke to them, the duo state that Sasuke came to them of his own accord. Orochimaru tells Naruto that if he wishes to know anything about Sasuke then he would have to beat it out of him. Naruto gives in even more to the Nine-Tails' influence and grows a third tail. The sprouting of the third tail causes the chakra in the air to intensify, causing a burning sensation to everyone else on the bridge. Sai realises that Naruto's true power comes from the demon fox, and Orochimaru, after staring into Naruto's changing pupils, senses the burgeoning Nine-Tailed Fox within.
An infuriated Naruto, now in his three-tailed form, prepares to attack Orochimaru. Kabuto, sensing the attack, decides to strike Naruto from behind with his Chakra Scalpel. Naruto notices him coming and emits a roar, and his chakra sends Kabuto flying backwards into Sakura, knocking her out.
On the other side, the three-tailed Naruto manages to rip Orochimaru's arm off. Orochimaru, however, uses a body replacement technique that causes him to materialise and regurgitate a new body from his mouth, restoring the limb he had lost.
Naruto's painful transformation causes him to emanate a wave of chakra, which cracks the trees around them and bursts the giant ink bird Sai is riding on. The Yamato wood clone manages to protect itself by using Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall, forming a wooden shield. Orochimaru, who also survives the attack, states that Naruto has managed to pique his interest, and wonders what the outcome will be. The Yamato wood clone then sees Naruto's four-tailed form, and curses himself for being unable to prevent it. Naruto, now having no skin, no conscious hold on his body and covered only in blood and chakra, lets out a devastating roar.