HAYAAN MO SILA - Ex Battalion x O.C. Dawgs | PARODY JannEarlTV
Jan 20, 2018
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Hi Guys, Welcome to my 1st Parody in 2018
Since this song is very popular now in my country, I'm going to grab the chance to be part of the Virus :)) .. yeah it's kind of so called virus at the moment as it spreads like one hehehe

This video is produced on its raw data without doing any color grading.

No Copyright Infringement on the used background music.
Credits Goes to Ex Battalion.

Ex Battalion x O.C Dawgs
Song: "Hayaan Mo Sila"
Original Video ExB: https://youtu.be/lg6hkvzlUlw
Ex Battalion The Concert Album is now available on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.
iTunes - https://goo.gl/jXK21j
Apple Music - https://goo.gl/jRS2ie
Spotify - https://goo.gl/xea1Fb

Hayaan mo Sila - Bosx1ne, Jnske, King Badger, Brando, Bullet-D, Flow-G, Skusta Clee

℗ & © 2017 Ex Battalion Music, a division of Ex Battalion Entertainment.

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