Pole Dancing MORESCO-1 Lineman
Nov 27, 2016
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Be amazed! MORESCO-1 proudly presents the Lineman Graduates of Batch 2016, the Silverbacks, on their Pole Dancing Presentation.

8 November 2016 - Lineman Graduation Rites for the MORESCO-1 community. It has been a tradition that every graduation rites, the lineman graduates will dance and demonstrate their skills on top of the pole. And for this 2016 Lineman Graduation Rites we were privileged to have MERALCO as our training partner.

Mabuhay and Congratulations Batch 2016 Graduates on the Lineman Training Program of MORESCO-1. It is the vocation of our new lineman graduates to continue the vision and dream of the cooperative. They are ready to serve the member consumers and protect the light of every homes that it will remain bright.

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