The Good Son: Finale Recap
Apr 14, 2018
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Aguas) holds a disturbing secret regarding Victor's (Albret Martinez) death. He then becomes more determined to find his missing brother at all costs. Little did Enzo know, Joseph (Joshua Garcia) is hiding Cal in a safe refuge. Obet (McCoy de Leon), meanwhile, prepares to strike back, fearing that his past actions might come to light. Elsewhere, a shocking news turns Olivia (Eula Valdez) to become increasingly concerned for her family's safety.

Determined to know what Joseph (Joshua Garcia) is up to, Obet (McCoy de Leon) tails his brother and discovers his secret. Enzo (Jerome Ponce) shows up not long after, and a violent confrontation ensues. A harrowing incident, however, paves the way for Obet and Joseph to reconcile and settle their differences. In order to protect his family, Enzo (Jerome Ponce) makes the ultimate sacrifice. Meanwhile, Dado (Jeric Raval) is sent to his final resting place.

The authorities deem it necessary to further cross-examine Enzo (Jerome Ponce) after he admitted to murdering Victor (Albert Martinez). Surprised by Enzo’s move, Joseph (Joshua Garcia) tries to talk him out of it. The two half-brothers then come up with plan against the real culprit. Meanwhile, Olivia (Eula Valdez) grows worried for Enzo after learning what he did. Soon, however, the Buenavidez matriarch gets the shock of her life after learning that her son turned against her.

Seeing that she could no longer convince Enzo (Jerome Ponce) to take her side, Olivia (Eula Valdez) starts enacting her plan to escape from the country. Enzo realizes what his mother is up to and informs Joseph (Joshua Garcia) about it. Soon, the authorities waste no time in tracking down the Buenavidezes' whereabouts. As the truth about Victor's (Albert Martinez) death slowly unravels, will Enzo and Joseph find it in their hearts to forgive each other?

Joseph (Joshua Garcia) begins to take stock of his life as his birthday approaches. Later, his family and friends prepare a surprise bash for him, which fills his heart with love and gladness. Unbeknownst to Joseph, Olivia (Eula Valdez) is just lurking around. What is supposed to be a joyous celebration takes a tragic turn when the Buenavidez matriarch sets her nefarious plans into motion. Will Joseph still attain the ever-elusive justice for Victor’s (Albert Martinez) death?

Recap Cast:
Mylene Dizon (Raquel) / Ronnie Lazaro (Matias) / Joshua Garcia (Joseph) / McCoy de Leon (Oliver, Obet) / Eula Valdez (Olivia) / Jerome Ponce (Lorenzo, Enzo) / Nash Aguas (Calvin, Cal) / John Estrada (Anthony) / Liza Lorena (Matilda) / Michael Rivero (SPO1 Leandro Colmenares) / Loisa Andalio (Hazel) / Jennie Gabriel (Britney) / Ethan Salvador (Trevor, Enzo's friend) / Art Acuña (Ernesto De Guzman) / Lovely Rivero (Miriam De Guzman) / Jeric Raval (Dado) / Rhett Romero (police officer Narciso) / Igi Boy Flores (Jordan) / uncredited (Roman) / uncredited (Blue Jaguar's coach)

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