General Goyo: The Gregorio del Pilar story 1
Feb 4, 2009
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It was on December 2, 1899 when General Gregorio Del Pilar met his tragic death in the Battle of Tirad Pass, known as the last stand of Filipino Revolutionary Forces under the command of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. Touted as the Boy General," del Pilar instantly died after being shot on the neck, the youngest Filipino general to defend the country in the historic battle.

Case Unclosed presents a special episode on Christmas this Thursday as Kara David revisits the life and death of Gen. Gregorio del Pilar.

Rep. Jun Aguinaldo-Abaya recounts the story of Gen. Aguinaldos strong friendship with Gregorio del Pilar. According to Prof. Agusto Deviana of the National Historical Institute, the boy generals loyalty to Aguinaldo was so unwavering that this led to del Pilar becoming the Presidents assassin. Gen. Goyo was said to be the man behind Gen. Antonio Lunas killing.

How did Gen. del Pilar become Gen. Aguinaldos favorite ally? How did he really die in Tirad Pass? Several historians tell accounts that del Pilars heroic death was romanticized by American journalists. If this is true, what was the real score behind Gen. del Pilars exploits during the war?

For the people of Bulacan, Gen. Del Pilar remains a hero despite questions on his heroism. His bravery in the Battle of Tirad Pass is enough proof for them to say that he was a hero who valiantly defended our motherland against the Spaniards.

Under the direction of award-winning independent filmmaker Sari Lluch Dalena, re-examine the case of Gen. del Pilars death on Case Unclosed with Kara David, airing this Thursday midnight, after the late night newscast Saksi.